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Mahavatar Babaji is the supreme leader of all  who follow the path of Kriya Yoga meditation.  Babaji remains in the body with  highly  evolved disciples in the Himalayan region, but Babaji became popular with the general public through Paramahansa Yogananda and his autobiography.  

Mahavatar Babaji's mental state  is incomprehensible to ordinary humans. Paramaguru's state of mind is described in Sastra as Paramukti (the highest state of liberation). Paramuktha (highly liberated being) is equivalent to God. Normally, through ascension, the soul  reaches the state of Paramukta and does not return. In that regard, it is to carry out the mission of  Heavenly Father. During this time, Babaji was asked by the Almighty to take care of the spiritual progress of the world.

In modern times, it was Mahavatar Babaji who  revived Kriya Yoga's lost technique  for the benefit of mankind. In the second half of the 19th century, Babaji taught his head of household, Rahirimahasaya, a technique of clear yoga. While teaching Rahili Mahavatar, Babaji never claimed that the yoga  he preached was his own discovery. Instead he said. "The clear yoga I have given to the world through you in this 19th century is  the same resurrection of science that Krishna gave  to Arjuna thousands of years ago, and this is later  Patanjali and Christ, and  St. John, Holy.  So when you follow Kriya Yoga, you are actually following in the footsteps of the immortal master Mahavatar Babaji. 

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