Dhanvantari Statue

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Embrace your home and office space with god dhanvantari statue by getting it online from good gift 24. That has been made with all the love and care. 

  • Material: Polyresin

  • Created with the use of all high-quality materials to make it more durable.

  • Can be used in home to increase the beauty of your house

  • Brings happiness and sound health to your home

  • Widely used to gift it someone whom you love and care about

  • Can be used to gift someone on a special occasion such as marriage or corporate party


About Dhanvantari Statue

In Hindu mythology, Dhanvantari is known as a physician of the gods. He is known for curing diseases and destroying fear and death. He is said to be an avatar of lord vishnu. Who came to earth to take the ayurved to the next level. Due to which dhanvantari name is very famous in the ayurved world. 


There is a very famous story about dhanvantari. Where it is said that - once all the gods and demons were searching for the elixir of life. During their search for the elixir they reach a river from which dhanvantari comes out holding a bowl of elixir in his hands. 


Dhanvantari divided his knowledge about ayurved into 8 divisions - shalya, shalakya, kayachikitsa, bhutavidya, kaumarabhrtya, agadatantra, rasayanatantra, and vajikaranatantra. It is said that it is thanks to dhanvantari as to where the ayurveda is in today’s time.


So if you are also planning to bring happiness and receive his blessing for the sound health of you and your family members. Get yourself a dhanvantari statue today and start receiving the blessing of God Dhanvantari. 

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