Shri Vitthal Rukmini Statue

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Bring your home a form of ideal knowledge and love with the shri vitthal rukmini statue

  • Material: Polyresin

  • The shri vitthal rukmini statue can be cleaned with any cotton cloth.

  • Can be used for the decoration of your living room

  • Helps in bringing the happiness and knowledge to your home

  • Can be used to gift someone on a special occasion such as marriage, birthdays, office parties, etc. 


Shri vitthal is known by different names among its devotees. Some of them being Pandharinath, Pandurang, Pandhariraya, Vithai, Vithoba, Vithumauli, Vitthal gururao, Pandurang, Hari etc. But mostly known as Shri Vitthal. 

Shri vitthal is known as the ideal form of ultimate knowledge. Many scholars believe and even many puranas as well it is written that Shri Vitthal was an incarnation of Lord Krishna. There is a very beautiful story behind it. Let us tell you about it. 

Shri Rukmini was the wife of Lord Krishna and one day she saw him sitting with his other wife named Radhika. So she leaves the place out of jealousy and hatred after seeing how nice Lord Krishna was with her wife Radhika and his other wifes. She leaves for a place called Dindir Van (now it is called chandrabhaga). 

After Lord Krishna realizes that Goddess Rukmini is missing. He starts to look for her across different places and in the end reaches Dindir Van. Where he finds Rukmini. After talking with her and making her calm down. He was able to get her back but while on his way back he planned to take a stop at Pundalik ashram.

When he reached Pundalik ashram. Pundalik refused to pay respect to Lord Krishna as he was busy performing duties towards his parents. But he gave a brick to Lord Krishna to stand on until he completes the duty for his parents. Lord Krishna was impressed with his devotion towards his parents and didn’t mind the delay. He then stranded on the brick to wait for Pundalik to come back.

This is how the story became famous and Shri Vitthal rukmini became famous. So if you are also planning to bring your home happiness and knowledge. Get yourself a shri vitthal rukmini statue and increase the beauty of your home. 

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